Our Careteam

Dr. Mike Astin
How does a person who loves science, medicine and animals satisfy all three of these in one job? By becoming a veterinarian. That’s precisely what Dr. Michael Astin did. He took his love of science, mixed it with his admiration of modern medicine and added a touch of his passion for animals and turned it into a career! Today he’s a registered veterinarian at Dixie Road Pet Clinic, and he’s making a difference in the lives of animals and their owners!

Dr. Michael completed his undergraduate degree in biomedicine at the University of Guelph. He spent multiple summers shadowing at an animal hospital, while studying the DVM program at Ontario Veterinary College.

The defining moment in Dr. Michael’s life that inspired him to pursue a career in the veterinary world didn’t involve a dog, a cat or a bird. It actually involved a cow! Dr. Michael watched intensely as a veterinarian performed a c-section on a cow, and then incredulously watched that same cow stand on its own feet a few hours later. Stunned by the power of animal medicine, he immediately decided that this is what he wanted to pursue as a profession.

Getting to know clients and pet owners better is one of Dr. Michael’s favorite parts about working at Dixie Road Pet Clinic. He loves nothing more than to hear people tell unique stories about why they love their pets. As far as day-to-day tasks at the hospital go, he enjoys performing surgery and monitoring anesthesia. The ability to work with his hands in a fast-paced environment is something he relishes.

In his free time, Dr. Michael enjoys spending time with his fiance and their dog, Murphy. Murphy is so intelligent that when his owner tells him “get your leash,” the dog will promptly pick it up with his teeth!
Dr. Emerald Saldanha
A veterinarian is someone who wants to make a difference in the lives of animals. That’s exactly what Dr. Emerald Saldanha had in mind when she embarked on her journey in the world of veterinary medicine. Today Dr. Emerald is a veterinarian at Dixie Road Pet Clinic and has indeed made a difference in the lives of her furry patients!

Born and raised in Mississauga, Dr. Emerald grew up with her parents and siblings. She was interested in arts, dance and music but ultimately, animals are what would capture her heart and attention. One day she watched her father (who was also a veterinarian) heroically save a pigling’s life. That was the moment she knew that she wanted to enter the field of veterinary medicine. She would go on to complete her undergraduate degree in animal biology at University of Guelph and earn her doctorate in the field of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Emerald wants to do more than just help animals enhance their lives. She also wants to educate pet owners on health tips that can help their beloved animals avoid future health issues. She loves being able to create a strong human-animal bond, and relishes the opportunity to work with a motivated, uplifting team.

When she’s not helping animals at the clinic, Dr. Emerald enjoys spending time with her family. You might find her hanging out with her husband, her nephews, or her family Chihuahua, Pingu. She relaxes by playing board games with her friends, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch her playing an instrument and singing!