Our Careteam

Dr. Masato Yamada
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Masato Yamada has had a lifelong fascination with science and medicine, and he’s adored animals ever since he can remember. Coupled with his passion for educating others on the proper care of pets, veterinary medicine made the perfect career choice! Dr. Yamada is the former owner of Dixie Road Pet Clinic and now serves the area’s pets and animal parents as one of the team’s Associate Veterinarians.

Dr. Yamada was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and grew up in Ontario. He began his pet-care journey while still in high school, when he served at Dixie Road Pet Clinic’s previous location as part of his school’s career-placement program. He worked as a Client Service Representative while finishing up high school, then began his undergraduate studies in biomedical sciences at the University of Guelph. Next, Dr. Yamada headed to Ontario Veterinary College, working as a Veterinary Technician during his summers away from school, before graduating as a licensed veterinarian in 2007.

After college, Dr. Yamada returned to Dixie Road Pet Clinic to begin working as an Associate Veterinarian. In 2009, he took on the role of Hospital Director and Head Veterinarian before purchasing the practice in 2013. Dr. Yamada sold the hospital in 2017 and now serves as an Associate Veterinarian. He has a special interest in dermatology work and loves working closely with pet owners to uncover the many layers of dermatological disease. Most of all, he enjoys speaking directly with clients and educating pet owners on the proper healthcare techniques for their companions.

Aside from his interests in the world of animal care, Dr. Yamada enjoys traveling and cooking—he especially likes to host dinner parties for friends and family, and hopes to begin taking courses at George Brown Culinary School in the near future. Dr. Yamada has one pet of his own: Pickle, a miniature bull terrier who can often be found sitting in a chair at Dixie Road Pet Clinic’s front desk, greeting clients with her signature blank stare.